"The integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Innovative Technology"

High quality and all-rounded medical service

  • All practitioners in Nong’s Clinic are qualified University graduates and are registered Chinese Medical Practitioners in Hong Kong, with profound knowledge in Chinese Medicine and years of clinical experience
  • Acupuncture and cupping services are also offered so as to provide the most suitable treatment for patients

Tailor-made health-keeping service

  • We believe everyone has his own needs. Patients can find the most suitable Chinese medicine treatment for their own body type through detailed analysis by our Chinese Medicine Practitioners before consuming health products 

Scientific management with human-based service

  • Modern scientific management and advanced medical equipment are used in every process from patient registration, organization of patients’ medical records, medical diagnosis, prescription processing and inventory management to CCMG prescription dispensation
  • All medical records are computerized for easy retrieval
  • Our staff is patient and caring, and is proficient in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. Non-Chinese speakers could also enjoy our Chinese medical service

Accurate and hygienic dispensary system

  • The computerized dispensary system can double-check prescription to ensure accuracy
  • The dispensary procedures are modernized and automatic; it highly enhances the efficiency and cleanliness

Safe, effective and convenient Chinese Medicine

  • Medicine prescribed is in form of granules, without the need of decocting
  • All granules are manufactured with international GMP standard. Each batch of products has passed through tests of heavy metals, micro-organism, pesticides before going into market. Reliability and safety are thus assured