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Acupuncture is a combination of the two treatments of "needle" and "moxibustion". It uses acupuncture or acupuncture to burn the body's meridians or acupuncture points.


Cupping mainly uses cans to adsorb on the surface of the body, causing local blood stasis and relaxing muscles.


It is mainly held during the hottest period of the year and the coldest period of the year. Chinese medicine practitioners will paste some spicy warm Chinese herbs on the designated acupuncture points of patient's body. The purpose is for treatment and the prevention of further health problems.


The ear is a rich reflection area of the human body, reflecting the areas of the internal organs, the five senses and the nine bones and the bones. The ear acupuncture is affixed with seed medicinal materials, attached to the corresponding parts requiring treatment or health care, through the stimulation of the part, thereby improving or relieving physical discomfort

Pediatric massage

It is one of the oldest treatments for humans. The physician applies a standard method to a specific part of the patient's body by hand or limb

Plum blossom needle

A special needle (a plurality of short needles) applies on acupuncture points with continuously beaten with light force

Pricking bloodletting therapy

Stimulate acupuncture points to release a small amount of blood

Abdominal needle

It is a system of healing that utilizes the abdomen to regulate the function of the zangfu organ to treat the whole body.